What’s great about being an indie author

So I decided after launch to change my cover!

So things happen! Yes some of you may have noticed that I changed my book cover and what!!! I only just released this book. Well yes, that’s true, but things happen.

Simply put I commissioned the first cover and when it came to running the book in actual print instead of an ebook, the cover designer was always unavailable, leaving me pretty much in limbo.

Unhappy with not having a cover that I thought gave my readers excellent quality with a professional finish, I decided to find other cover designers. I found a couple and then the damned flu that has been flying around hit and they were out of work for a good couple of weeks. So I decided to do the cover myself and actually, I’m pleased I did as I love it! And I hope you do too. But if I hadn’t of been an indie author and proud of it, would this even of been possible! So there you go, being an indie author is probably more flexible and more rewarding in some respects in regards to a publishing house author – Who knew?

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